How Booking Direct with Clique Hotels & Resorts Can Transform Your Trip

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Hey, savvy traveller! Have you ever felt like you're playing a digital game of hide-and-seek when trying to book a hotel room online? Well, here's a little secret: booking directly with the hotel not only ensures you get the best rates and exclusive offers, but it also saves you from the sneaky tactics of those Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

Why Book Direct and Save?

When you book directly with Clique Hotels & Resorts, you get the ‘VIP treatment’. Think of it as skipping the line at a popular theme park - you're dealt with directly by our expert staff, have the inside scoop on all things related to your stay, and can make changes with ease if needed. Plus, you'll have access to all the cool perks and exclusive promotions that OTAs keep hidden away.

Earn More, Enjoy More

Let's discuss those valuable travel points and other goodies you can earn by booking directly. It's like a bonus level in the game of travel - extra rewards for making the smart choice. Oh, and the best part? If an OTA claims to offer a lower rate, just reach out to us directly and we’ll make sure you get the best deal available.

Catherine's Story: A Testimonial to Direct Booking Benefits

Meet Catherine, a cross-border traveller.  She’s always on the lookout for the best travel deals and experiences. Recently, Catherine planned a trip to a beautiful mountain resort. Being the savvy traveller she is, Catherine decided to book her stay directly with Clique Hotels & Resorts after learning about the benefits.

From the moment she arrived, Catherine was greeted with a warm and professional welcome by our hotel staff, who were well aware that she was a "Direct Customer." She was pleasantly surprised to find that she had been upgraded to a room with a panoramic view, a perk reserved exclusively for those you book directly.

The Added Value of Personalized Service

Throughout her stay, Catherine enjoyed priority treatment at every turn - an early check-in to kickstart her vacation, fantastic insider tips on local attractions from the hotel staff, and a late checkout to savour every last moment of relaxation.  Always worth asking if one or the other is available.

But the real icing on the cake? Catherine earned valuable loyalty points through the hotel's rewards programs, giving her a head start on her next adventure.

Thanks to booking directly with Clique Hotels & Resorts, Catherine’s stay wasn’t just about a comfortable bed and a beautiful view.  It was about feeling like a valued guest and being treated to an extra layer of hospitality that made her vacation truly special.

Exclusive Promotions Just a Click Away

Booking direct unlocks exclusive promotions and offers that you won't find anywhere else. From seasonal discounts to last-minute deals, booking directly with us ensures you get the best possible price, paired with perks that enhance your stay, just to name a few.

The Convenience Factor

Booking direct also means convenience at your fingertips. With our user-friendly website and dedicated customer service team, making reservations, adjustments, or special requests has never been easier. Whether it's a room preference or a surprise for a special occasion, our team is ready to make it happen, no middleman required.

A Community of Satisfied Guests

Our direct bookers form a community of satisfied guests who often return for more unforgettable experiences. By choosing to book at, they've unlocked a world of benefits that make every trip special. From exclusive savings to personalized service, the advantages of booking directly with Clique Hotels & Resorts are clear.

Join the Movement: Book Direct and Discover the Difference

Booking direct with Clique Hotels & Resorts isn't just a wise financial decision; it's a choice to elevate your travel experience. With exclusive discounts, loyalty rewards, and a level of service that makes you feel truly valued, the benefits of booking direct are undeniable.

Happy Travels: Your Best Experience Awaits

As you plan your next adventure, consider the benefits of booking directly with us. With Clique Hotels & Resorts, you're not just booking a room—you're securing a passport to a more rewarding travel experience. Happy travels and remember: the real treasure is in booking directly with any of our Clique Hotels and Resorts.


Book Direct and Save with Clique Hotels & Resorts