Discover Western Canada's Hidden Gems

With Unmatched Comfort and Adventure in Calgary, Canmore, and Whistler

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Clique Hotels & Resorts, your luxurious hub to Calgary, Canmore, and Whistler hotels and resorts. Dive into our blog for exclusive insights on Calgary's urban allure, Canmore's majestic mountains, and Whistler's thrilling outdoor activities, ensuring a spectacular Canadian adventure enriched with our latest updates and special offers.

Behind the Scenes of Success

Discover the journey of Clique Hotels & Resorts as we celebrate 25 years of success, luxury, and innovation in hospitality. Join us in reflecting on our commitment to excellence, employee empowerment, and the vision for the future. Celebrate with us, as we honor our staff, management, and the milestones that have shaped us into a beacon of luxury and hospitality.

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How Booking Direct with Clique Hotels & Resorts Can Transform Your Trip

Unlock the secret to the ultimate travel experience with Clique Hotels & Resorts. Book your stay directly to enjoy exclusive discounts, personalized service, and valuable loyalty rewards. Say goodbye to hidden OTA fees and hello to VIP treatment, special promotions, and a community of satisfied guests. Join us and discover the difference direct booking can make for your next adventure.

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