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CLIQUE Hotels & Resorts formally operated under the name Summit Resort Management Inc. Summit Resort Management Inc. was founded in 1997 by Jim Muir. While his goal was to operate a portfolio of mountain resorts in Western Canada, Jim began by providing consulting services to resort and hotel developments throughout Alberta and British Columbia. These services included market studies, feasibility studies, and hotel planning and design consultation.

Summit has opened and operated a number of hotels and resorts in Western Canada. Of note, Summit provided the conceptual planning and opened the Advantage West Inns & Suites in Fort McMurray. After the opening in 2004; the Advantage very quickly became leaders in market share and customer service in the Fort McMurray market. In 2008 the Advanatage West Inns & Suites was sold and to this date the selling price per key remains the highest amount paid for a limited service hotel in Canada.

Currently Summit operates the Falcon Crest Lodge, Copperstone Resort and the Stoneridge Mountain Resort in Canmore. These properties have all enjoyed number one rankings on Trip Advisor and continue to be the best performing Condo Hotels in the Canmore market.

In 2010 Summit created a new brand “CLIQUE Hotels & Resorts” to facilitate to pursue new strategies in their operation and marketing of their portfolio of hotels and resorts. Webster’s Dictionary defines “CLIQUE” as a small exclusive group of people. As Summit Resort Management operates a small exclusive group of properties, the introduction of the CLIQUE brand has already been recognized as a high quality and innovative brand in the accommodations industry.

sales and marketing

Our sales and marketing efforts begin with an analysis of the competition and the market. With this knowledge, we determine the exact positioning of the property and introduce necessary amenities and quality standards with appropriate rates.

Summit has been successful in establishing business with F.I.T. and Wholesale segments and through various web based and G.D.S. portals.

Because of our relationships, we are able to have major wholesalers commit before the property is even built. Due to the seasonality of Canmore occupancies, on-site management is utilized for sales activities with strong support from the CLIQUE offices. This allows the manager to focus on operations during the busy summer and holiday seasons and provide well planned and executed sales efforts during the shoulder and off-season which also coincide with travel trade market places. This strategy assures much greater efficiency in the overall operation.

owner relationships

The typical expectation of a hotel condominium owner is that after considering rental revenue and tax benefits, his condominium ownership will cost him nothing – at least a few years down the road, if not the first year or two. They can enjoy their condo when they have the time to do so, watch its value increase, and it might even provide a profit. Obviously it is our goal to meet the owners' expectations.

The other factor, that is often overlooked by management companies is – owner pride. This comes in two parts. First, is that they have made a good investment decision. Summit will provide the highest possible returns both from a cash flow perspective, and increasing the resale value of units. The second part is the luxury, quality, and service, at the owner’s facility. Summit strives to provide their owners with a comfortable and enjoyable stay when they use their units for their own personal use.

Even with full operational control, life is too short to run a property populated by unhappy owners. We will require the support and cooperation of the unit owners. Communication and understanding will be the key to manifest this support. Summit Resort Management will install the notion in all property staff that owners are VIPs. We will actively participate in all Condominium Owner Association meetings. Along with a monthly owner’s statement and cheque, Summit will send a monthly news letter outlining our sales efforts, improvements at the property, new staff, etc.

rental pool and management agreements

These are the single most important documents a condominium hotel manager will encounter. If they are properly drawn, he will sleep soundly at night and experience pleasant working days. If poorly drawn, he will live a bad dream around the clock. Summit would insist that we would influence our expertise in drafting these documents.

There are two basic types of contracts, called gross – fee and net – fee. A gross fee is one under which management receives a large share of the rental income – generally 40 to 60 percent or more – and from which it pays the necessary operating expenses of the rental of the units. The gross fee contract is most common in British Columbia. The net fee contract is one under which management receives a smaller share of rental income – from which it pays no operating expenses. This can be a small percentage of gross income or a larger percentage of profits, or a combination of both. When management remuneration is based on owner’s profit, it is likely that the management will have a greater motivation to maximize profits for the owners. It is our experience that with net fee contract we encountered fewer problems if any.

Pooling formulas are many and varied. Some use a percentage system by which each unit is assigned a percentage, and all unit percentages total 100. Other pooling arrangements set up separate pools for each type of rental unit. Most pooling arrangements, regardless of their mechanics, recognize owner occupancy as reducing income. Summit’s preferred property management system can provide distribution for virtually any pooling formula that would be created.